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I am sure it's not a big mystery that I earn a living protecting people from scams.  It just happened to be a "side effect" of what I started out doing.  I want to make sure that I am clear on one thing though, although I earn referral money from the businesses listed on my web site, it doesn't mean I list garbage.  If I didn't care about the people that came to my web site, I would list junk instead because they pay a LOT more.  However, that isn't the goal of this web site.  I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I was steering people in the wrong direction.  I have had some insane offers of money from people I flat turned down.  They wanted to pay me (a lot) for listing their business on my web site.  I am sure they were shocked when I told them NO.  Only businesses I know work and feel comfortable with get listed.

Okay, now that that's out of the way...
What if I was to say to you, "Hey Joe, I think I'm gonna call it quits.  You want to take over my web site?"  If your name is Joe, that is a ironic twist to this story huh?  Anyway, what would your answer be?  I am going to take a stab in the dark and say you would be thinking hard about it.  But, since you are smart, you would want to have a business meeting about it first.  You'd have a few questions first. Please enjoy my short story below to work through some of those beginning questions.  Joe is fictional (unless you are Joe) but the answers to the questions are real.

Joe: What is the net profit? 
Me: Great question Joe.  The net profit after all expenses is anywhere from $17,000 to $30,000 a month (yes really).

Joe: How do you advertise it?
Me: I use Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, free listings, blog's, and other search engines.

Joe: Okay, but I'm a carpenter. I don't have the first clue how to advertise.
Me: That's okay.  I will give you a training program to use to learn how to master that. By the time you are done with it, you will know exactly how to get the right people to your web site.  You will also know how to spend as little as possible getting them there.  Thus, increasing your ROI. (return on investment)

Joe: How much do you spend in advertising to generate that kind of net profit?
Me: Once again, great question. Your quite the business man!  To make it simple, I earn 6 times what I spend. So, if I were to spend $200 a week, I would make about $1200 that week net

Joe: That sounds like I need to spend money to advertise it.... do I?
Me: When you get to the members area, I have some great tips on how to get over $200 of free advertising.  So if you do the math on that from your last question ($200 x 6) you would make $1200.  Even if you had half the results I get, you would make $600.

Joe: So, I will learn how to get people to my web site, that want what I am offering. But I don't know how to run a web site!  All the programming and stuff you need to do.  The maintenance, answering emails and keeping the content current!
Me: Yeah, I guess that is a problem.  I tell you what.. I will continue to handle all of that.  You just study the training program, send people to your web site and keep all of the profits.  How's that?

Joe:  What?!  So what you are saying is that all I have to do is send the right people to it and get paid?
Me: Yes. 

Joe:  Sounds to good to be true. Is it April fools day?
Me:  Nope.  That is ALL you have to do.  Study the online training program, follow the instruction in the program and earn a living.

Joe: How do I get paid?
Me: You are paid every two weeks through a company called ClickBank and Plimus.  They send you a check or direct deposit.   Opening an account with them is free and easy.

Joe: Do I have to pay you any monthly fees?
Me: We found a great discount on web hosting for all of our members, at only $4.99 a month!  Most hosting accounts you can find, range from $49.95 to $149.95 a month!  Compared to what it would cost you to host your own site, that is a great deal. The only other fee is a $19.95 a month usage fee. This fee is for use of this sites copyrighted design and all of the content in it.

Joe: So can I make changes to the site?
Me: No. I will remain in control of what businesses are placed on the web site.  I am sure you are a nice, trustworthy guy Joe, I just don't want to take any chances. When you spend $200,000 of your own money and years developing a web site, like I have, you tend to be overprotective. Plus, I know what businesses are legitimate and sell well.

THE END (for now)

I hope my little story helped answer a few of the beginning questions for now.  Before I get into some more detailed explanations, here is what you receive:
March 25, 2010
Identical Work At Home Top 10 Web Site
You will receive a site just like mine. You will earn the commissions for referring these legitimate business opportunities to good people looking for good recommendations.  I spent years developing this site, now you can take advantage of my hard work and research!  You will also earn money when people sign up for the scam team offer (when I offer the memberships).

Online Training Program: FREE! Selling For $80.00
I provide you with an incredible online e-book training program that is currently selling like hot cakes for almost $80.00.  It walks you through the steps of starting your advertising with Google.  This not only shows you how, but how to do it for pennies!  It is very easy to follow with step by step illustrations. I want you to succeed.  I worked out a deal with the Author of the book to give it to you when you join my team.

Membership Section: FREE!
Here you will find mounds and piles of helpful information that will get you going even quicker!

I Answer All Emails From Your Site: FREE!
You don't have to worry about answering emails, or how to answer them. This is very time consuming, but, it is important to answer everyone's questions correctly. I take pride in the fact that I personally respond to every email I receive. So you can have the piece of mind knowing that our customers will get taken care of.

Available Phone Support:
I know that even though you may have incredible training tools at your disposal, sometime a need arises to make a phone call. This is an option available to you if you need it. Most never call because there is usually no need.
What you will receive:
Step 1: Sign up with ClickBank for your free account first. When you do, write down the "nickname" you choose for your account.  Click here to sign up with them now (this will open a new window)

Step 2: Sign up for this program below. After you complete your order, you will be forwarded to EkohGroup.com to finish your set up with your web site hosting account ($4.99/mo). They will walk you through this.

Step 3: Wait for Ekoh Group to complete your web site. This usually takes 1-2 business days (M-F). If you sign up on Saturday, it will not be finished until the following week.  (They don't work weekends either!)

Step 4: Receive your email from them that your web site is done!  Inside the email, they will provide you with log in details for the information about your web site.

Step 5: Follow the directions on that page. You will receive a link in that page for the training area. Read through the training. Apply what you learn in the training to start delivering people to your web site.  You may need to read through the training materials twice.  I know some members told me that they learned more the second time through it. 

Step 6: Cash your checks!  You will get paid by check or direct deposit through ClickBank and Plimus every two weeks.  You can log into your ClickBank and Plimus account every day to see how many sales have been made by your salesman. Who is your salesman you say?  It is your web site!  It is quite the worker.  Your little web site is hard at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Isn't that awesome?!  Automatic income in it's finest form.

Step 7: There is no step 7.  You are done!  Just keep sending people to your site.  Here is a tip though: When I started working this way, I always set aside a certain amount of money out of my earnings.  I set this aside to reinvest into my advertising fund.  I never dug into my own pocket.  As my advertising fund grew larger, I spent more. Know what's coming next....Yep, the more I spent, the more I made!
Well, I'm not you, so I'm not sure.  But I can tell you why most people do it. Two main reasons really.  The first one is being able to start a home business that works and doesn't require any experience.   No matter what you have heard, the best ways to earn money from home online, is to have your own web site that sells a product of some kind.  This web site also offers a helping hand to people. That would be the second reason, helping others. You will have something you can be proud of.

We all have our own reason for doing things. Although I don't think we are that different when it gets down to it.  You are reading this because you have been looking for a way to earn some money from home.  It could be for a serious reason or it could be because you want a new sports car.  Whatever the reason may be, earning a nice living is very possible with this offer.
Can anyone join your team?
Yes and No. I let anyone join, but as you will see in the next topic, Ekoh Group is only building a limited number of these. Reason: This is not a bunch of bull, the fact is, we want to keep this a very unique offer. We do not want that many of these sites out there saturating the Internet.  We only offer these for a limited time, then we take a break.  We eventually bring the offer back, but it could be months before we do.
My team consists of once ordinary people. Now they are making money from their home protecting people from scams. The current team members range from people who wanted to supplement their income, to people that are doing this full time.  Most of them HAVE HAD NO EXPERIENCE with anything like this before and range from factory workers to business people. Having no experience is okay because you get fully trained.  These good people, have joined my team and are currently making money helping direct people to legitimate work at home opportunities.
You know how you always see "Limited OFFER" out there, truth is, most are not true. But, since we do not want to saturate the Internet with these sites, we stop offering it often.
Question #1: How do I actually make income with this site?
Answer: Ekoh Group LLC will build you a duplicate site with your own links set up through ClickBank.  Once that is finished, all you have to do is send people to the site built for you. You will receive a web address. You send people to that address. When someone purchases any of these opportunities listed on YOUR site, you receive a commission. That's it! We will walk you through this step by step. It isn't complicated.

Question #2: How much can I make?
Answer: That varies. Some current members are making $3000 a month and the highest paid one is making almost $12,000 a month. Realistically, you can make what you want. Good news is, you have total control of that. You receive online training on how to maximize your results.  That way, you will have tools at your disposal so that YOU can choose how much you want to make. You will have control over what you make.

Question #3: Will I have to spend anymore money in advertising?
Answer: We will show you a technique we've used to receive your first $200 in advertising for FREE!!  Team Members have been able to use this to earn money before they spend any of their own! This is exactly the method I used when I started. I started with the free $200 and then took some of the profit I made from that and put it back into advertising!  Using this method, I literally started with no money!

Question #4: Once I purchase, how long after that before my site is ready?
Answer: Usually it takes 1-2 business days to build your site (Monday - Friday). Then you are all set. You will receive an email from info@ekohgroup.com with all of the details of your site. Please make sure your email box accepts mail from that address. Ekoh Group LLC is our partner that builds the web site for you.

Question #5: How does this work, exactly?
Answer: Here is how.  You receive a duplicate site with your unique web address.  Your ClickBank ID will be embedded into each business listed on your site. This link connects your web site to your ClickBank account.  This is how they know the sale was from your site.  You will advertise the site by following the directions in the Free Google Adwords e-book you get with your site.  Or you can look into different advertising methods. When someone comes to your page, clicks on your link and orders, you get paid.  All sales are tracked and handled by ClickBank. That is it, not a complicated procedure. You are walked through all of these steps inside the members area.

Question #6: I already have a ClickBank Nickname, can I use it?
Answer: Yes. When you join my team, you are asked for your ClickBank Nickname when you sign up. This step is the same for everyone and you can put a new or existing nickname in the form.

Question #7: I have never done anything like this before. I don't know if I would be good at it?
Answer: That's ok, I understand. That is why I provide you with the tools to help you succeed. The only thing you need to bring to the table is a strong desire to succeed. Once this is up and running, it can be hands free. You just check your ClickBank Account at the end of the day to see how much you have made!
You can now join an ethical, profitable, home business opportunity, with the ability of sleeping well at night knowing you are helping people. All of this with NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!
No Experience? No Problem!
Dear potential Scam Team Member,

"I hope you are sitting down!  I am so excited to announce our new partnership with Ekoh Group LLC for this special offer!  I am going to walk you through this as quickly as I can.  I am not sure how many spots are left at this exact time. To check, just look above where it says "Available Spots Remaining".
What this offer is:
What will you be doing - Step by Step
Why would you want to do this?
Can anyone join your team?
Frequently Asked Questions:
That's it! No long term contracts, no hidden fees!
You save OVER $300.00 off the normal price!
You get over $750 worth of materials - FREE!
You get a proven site with results!
You get complete training!
All of this for one time set up of only $199!
Now hurry up and join, before I am full!
You are only two simple steps away from joining this incredible team program:
How to join my Scam Busting Team:
Originally, we were offering this for a very reasonable $499.95 set up.  For the remainder of spots we have left, we have dropped the set up price to only $199.95!  This includes over $400.00 of free bonus materials!

Here again, is what you will receive when you Join: 
Step 2: By joining my team, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree with Ekoh Groups Privacy Policy & TOS Below.
Once you make your payment through Plimus, you will receive
an email with instructions for your next step.
Important things to do first:

  • Write down your ClickBank Account Nickname
Step 1: Please read this important paragraph first!
Plus only $4.95 hosting & $19.95 usage fee!
Step 3: Click button below to finish joining now. Your payment
is processed securely through Ekoh Group and Plimus.
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Work At Home Top 10 is an independent consulting firm, and is not affiliated with Google.
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